Logo of the social net


What began as a net for university students to keep in touch between them even being far away finished as one of the biggest social net, which is a revolutionary system in today’s information society, It is Spanis and it has every kind of students, not just university ones. An easy definition would be a Spanish Facebook, but it is not enough. Their ambitions go beyond. Maintaining the privacy and geographic position in real time are the standards of this social net.  Félix Ruiz, Rupert van Millingen y Zaryn Dentzel are the visible heads of this Spanish start up. They are a Spanish, a Londoner and an American. The American one studied at Deusto’s University at Bilbao.

Apparently Tuenti.com is a social net with an emoticon on his log, what gives it an attractive air, but there must be more because most of university students use it as much as the e-mail to contact between them. On 2006, exactly on January Tuenti’s first version was set up. The only way to get into Tuenti is to get an invitation from someone who is already in.

On Tuenti you canshare photos with your fiends, label them into photos and leave commentaries into them. It is an easy way to show to your friens photos of the last trip without being with a CD, or another phisical support. Now there is a possibility to put videos from YouTuBe

It is difficult to know how they are getting financing, because from Tuenti they insist that the initial inversion was a friends&family, convincing friends and family to invert on it. They don’t say how many people are logged up on Tuenti this days but it is calculated that there are more or less three million people.

It was difficult for them to make up a name for Tuenti. They though hundreds of names until they found what they had been looking for. Finally they decided that Tuenti was the best name because it was supposed to be a Net for people in the twenty’s and attending classes in the University. But nowadays you can find any kind of people there from students in the high school until bank managers. It seems to be an Intranet.

Tuenti’s proposal is to update the people about their friends, family, class or workmates or even the acquaintances. With that proposal they have created a system what reflects all the relationships that we have in the real world. tuenti has beaten facebook in Spanish level.  The new development of Tuenti is the mobile version for mobile phones which is specially popular on weekend as a survey in Nielsen Online.






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