Orality and Hypermedia

First of all, let us define the concepts involved. On the one hand, according to N.H. Nelson, the term hypermedia is used as an extension of the term hypertext, in which graphics, audio, video, plain text and hyperlinks are involved, being the World Wide Web the clearest example. On the other hand orality involves the capacity of speaking of each person as well as the gestures and other sources used.

According to experts on the subject, the hypermedia has changed the orality. As Perez Tornero mentions, due to the hypermedia we can send an oral message from one point of the planet to another, giving a kind of globalisation to the text and without realising how far the person receiving the message is. However, according to Brian and Williams, the hypermedia contributes to the worsening of the language as they, as well as networks, are opened to anybody. Besides, almost anything is accepted and owing to that, some writers transfer some of their bad acquired habits in writing from one media to another. Moreover, a big percentage of the users may write without any kind of information or taking it from poor sources.






Group members:   Gorka Lozano, Aitor Macia, Ander Martinez, Milia Mayora and Ricardo Merelas

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