RSS Techonology



Connected with a post below, the RSS is extended from XML language, so in this post I am going to  write a brief description about the RSS.

First of all, RSS is an abbreviation for Rich Site Summary, Really Simple Syndication, RDF Site Summary, or a variation on any of these names. It is an XML document that facilitates content syndication. The term “RSS” is still sometimes used to refer to web feeds in general, including web feeds with a format different from RSS. 

The Blogspace description of using web feeds in an aggregator is headlined “RSS info” and “RSS readers” even though its first sentence makes clear the inclusion of the Atom format: “RSS and Atom files provide news updates from a website in a simple form for your computer. “

Some Internet Explorers offer the possibility of connect RSS in order to allow the user to know about the updatings of the web. Windows Vista, offers a noticeboard to show the updated webpages in the desktop. 




2 Responses to “RSS Techonology”

  1. robin Says:


    I am desigining website myself in html. Made RSS on BBC Sports. Onclicking, it leaves my Webpage towards BBC. I need to open the description page on my Webpage. What I need to do?


    • Gorka Lozano Says:

      I’m sorry, but my article i just a descriptiona bout the technology. I do not know how to use it. Maybe you can check in the reference pages.

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