Questionnaire #1: Europe’s Human Language Technology Research Centers

1. University of Trento

As their own web page defin the course they impart:

Human language technology (HLT) is becoming increasingly essential to analyze, understand and exploit the huge amounts of information currently available in the form of web, textual or spoken documents. HLT gives people the possibility of using speech and/or natural language to interact to conversational machines and support advanced services. Service and technology providers are therefore strong supporters of this technology. The Master in Human Language Technology and Interfaces aims at providing skills in the basic theories, algorithms, and applications of this technology through courses taught by internationally recognized researchers from the university, research centers and supporting industry partners. This master is aimed both to students seeking advanced education to pursue a career in the HLTI industry or research track (e.g. PhD). Educational credits gained completing this program can be partly recognized to students afterwards admitted to the ICT International Doctoral School.

2. European Network of Excellence in Human Language Technologies

ELSNET is a Europe-based forum dedicated to human language technologies. It operates in an international context, and will consider, across discipline limits, all human communication research areas related to speech and language.

ELSNET aims to advance R&D in human language technologies in Europe by bringing together the key players in the field, and by providing a proactive, open forum which will serve as different purposes such as: a platform for launching innovative actions, a platform for making analyses of the present, and developing visions for the future or a platform for fostering a common environment, comprising resources, standards and evaluation.

3.  German Research Center of Artificial Intelligence

As they say about theirselves:

Our mission is the improvement of language technology through novel computational techniques for processing text, speech and knowledge, a deeper understanding of human language and thought, studying the true needs of the end user and the demands of the market

We develop novel and improved applications in three areas: Information and Knowledge Management. Document Production, Natural Communication

One of our commercial activities is indexing of German and English texts using the IDX software package.



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