Questionnaire #1: Human Language Technologies, definitions.

According to a survey published by Cambridge University Press and Giardini:

Human Language Technologies are a very important way of communication as languages are, above all, the first way of communication all over the world. In addition with the help that globalization has provided Language technology offers people the opportunity to improve their communication. The ability to exchange communicative messages with the comoputers have been serached by many engineers and scholars. Hawever, the Human Language Technologies has got very difficult problems to create them such as Speaking Mode, speaking style, enrollment or language model to name some.


As CORDIS, an European Centre of Investigation in Human language tachnologies, defines HLT are:

The overall objective of HLT is to support e-business in a global context and to promote a human centred infostructure ensuring equal access and usage opportunities for all. This is to be achieved by developing multilingual technologies and demonstrating exemplary applications providing features and functions that are critical for the realisation of a truly user friendly Information Society. Projects address generic and applied RTD from a multi- and cross-lingual perspective, and undertake to demonstrate how language specific solutions can be transferred to and adapted for other languages.


    Note: This post has been updated on Saturday 28th March 2009 (16:22)


    2 Responses to “Questionnaire #1: Human Language Technologies, definitions.”

    1. Joseba Abaitua Says:

      This post is full of typoos (I often have the same problem).

      Please, revise it and amend them.

      • Gorka Lozano Says:

        Do you mean that I have answered wrongly to the question? or just that I have some spelling and vocabulary mistakes? I have corrected the last one. If it is the other one, i will do the article again.

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