Questionnaire #2: The intelligent Library Assistant

In modern society, robots are been designed to play an increasing role in the lives of ordinary people. Among the emerging areas in robotics is the field of service robots. One example of it is an intelligent library assistant robot.

Universities and some public libraries use a kind of intelligent Library Assistant to search for the books, and categorize them. Now,  This work in progress towards a complete system working to assist users on a library. With this aim, the system must be capable  of looking for a specific book in a shelf, asked by any user,and  deliver it as soon as possible to the user.

Conceptual map

The proyect developing now by the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence has got the following aims according to his manager, Norbert Reithinger:

  • Investigation, supply and adaptation of the contents of a real digital library for interactive information extraction
  • Hybrid information extraction based on a combination of metadata and document processing
  • Development of domain-adaptive deep methods for information extraction using the example of biomedical documents
  • Prototypical development of interactive personalized navigation allowing the user of the digital library an intuitive multimodal search


Note: Updated, 28th March 2009 (16:41)

3 Responses to “Questionnaire #2: The intelligent Library Assistant”

  1. Joseba Abaitua Says:

    A couple of comments:

    1. “the system must be capable to looking for a specific book” should be perhaps “the system must be capable OF looking for a specific book”

    2. You don’t seem to acknowledge the names of the authors in the references. Why? It you know them you should include them in the citations.

    I would also suggest that you mention the name of the researches in the body of the post.

    With regards,

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