Main differences between ebooks and traditional books.

Everybody can see the differences between the ebook and the traditonal book. Nevertheless there is more than meets the eye and in this short post I am going to introduce the differences beetween them.

  • Text can be searched automatically and be linked to other books using cross-referenced hyperlinks.
  • E-books allow non-permanent annotation and highligting
  • Font and its size can be adapted to the reader.
  • Animated images or multimedia clips to be embedded may be allowed.
  • An e-book can automatically open at the last read page.
  • Text-to-speech software can be used to read the text. Nevertheless, the voice will be auto-generated, so the quality may be  worse than audiobooks.
  • It is easier for authors to self-publish e-books.
  • A free e-book can stimulate the sales of the printed version.
Ebook vs Book

Ebook vs Book



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